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twilight corner! :D


HOW CAN HE BE SUCH A LONER (oh wait, it's coz he's waiting for me X'D)

that girl on the right. that's me too. :D


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I didn't really know what to do with this page, so... yes, you get plenty of robert pattinson goodness! :D

just fyi, i don't own and i didn't take or make (in the case of the animations) these... total love and gratitude goes to those who did, though! :9 (and of course tons of unconditional love to rob <33)

SWOON   rawr.....

!! :D   he's amazing, okay???


that girl on the left. that's me. :)   still so goodlooking in the early morning! D:


it's the hungry jack's ad! XD

this craving is out of my control.
only you can satiate this hunger.