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rinoahsan @ deviantART

deviantART gallery - joined 7th june 2005

my deviantART account, where you can find artworks i have made for school and... other random things. i tend to fave more than anything haha


on hold

heartlessheartless - the sana-chan weblog

blog - v3.5 "lockheart"

my self-made blog. presents rambling. whenever i actually get the chance. or can be bothered to.


characterisedcharacterised - original art site

art site - since 2004

my original website with the purpose of displaying my art. i can't be bothered to revive it right now...... although i did really like my Sora layout :(


iceice - fellowship group website

fellowship group site - since 2005

a site i made for my bible study group, but when the domain died, so did my motivation to remake and support it. really no more purpose... there's other ways of communicating faith than online :P lol


in progress

realityreality - final fantasy tactics:advance fansite

final fantasy tactics:advance shrine/fansite/info-media source

progress: 10%

this site will have what i consider to be interesting and useful information on jobs, weapons etc and include official media for download (art/music). i think i might as well just upload what i've done so far... :/

all different scents and flavours...
but they all distinctly lead back to you.